Do Dogs Feel Jealous?

Do Dogs Feel Jealous?

admin December 14, 2019

You may feel them upon the arrival of a baby or other pet, couple or visitors … Dogs are jealous of many things! Would you like to know why? In this article, we tell you his motives, which are very related to survival and life in a pack.

Why do dogs feel jealous?

For pets, jealousy appears as a matter of instinct, to protect the social relationship they have with their owners. They have nothing to do with love, friendship or anything like that, but with something completely natural and that they cannot avoid.

Many people consider jealousy to be a social construction among human beings, or that it is a specific emotion linked to romantic or sexual relationships. But it can also appear in animals as a feeling of anguish at the possibility of another ‘usurping’ the affection of its owner.

Of course, because unlike what happens with people, dogs feel jealous when they have threatened ties that bind them with the other members of the pack. For example, if a couple has a baby, the pet will be jealous of that new being that has appeared, which is considered a rival.

Dogs feel jealous and experience it in different ways: they can growl, try to bite the ‘intruder’ or want to get their owner’s attention by bringing a toy or jumping into their arms. Others choose to hide after the arrival of that opponent or do their best to ‘get him out of the way’ not always in a friendly way.

How to identify jealousy in dogs?

To know if your pet is feeling jealous you must analyze their behavior and the particular situation of your home. It does not mean that all dogs experience this feeling when we have a child or adopt another animal, nor do they think they are being displaced or left behind when we are in pairs.

In reality, dogs feel jealous or envious when they ‘consider’ that they are being treated unfairly. How to know if your dog is jealous? These are the main signs:

1. Barks excessively

When its owner pays attention to another animal, a baby, its partner or a guest, the dog starts barking without stopping. This happens especially in ‘barking’ races such as chihuahua or schnauzer.

2. Makes your needs in prohibited places

If your dog is jealous, he may choose to make his needs anywhere to mark his territory or to get your attention.

3. Destroy things

He may take his toys and break them, shake his bed hard and destroy it or ‘steal’ the owner’s personal belongings (socks, shoes …). He also does it to get attention.

4. It becomes aggressive

Another reaction of a jealous dog is to growl, show teeth or try to bite who they consider the intruder. You may also experience other changes in your behavior, such as crying, licking your legs in a compulsive way, stop eating – or do it excessively – and howl.

Tips for treating a jealous dog

You already know that dogs feel jealous and show them in various ways. The next step is to help you so that you are not sad, anxious or unhappy. Here are some tips to reduce this situation:

1. Pay more attention

While the arrival of a child or another pet can consume a lot of time in your day today, we recommend that you do not neglect your dog. With a few minutes daily it is enough for you to feel loved.

2. Introduce the new member

It is very important that the animal makes contact with the one it considers a ‘danger’. First play a little with him and then make the corresponding presentations. Do it carefully and pay close attention to your reactions.

3. Give her gifts

Dogs love to be given toys or treats. When you return from shopping or have spent a lot of time with the ‘other’ being that bothers you, give him something to make him feel better.

To prevent dogs from feeling jealous, the best we can do is socialize it from a puppy. Whether in the park or at home, you should know that there are other animals and that this does not affect the relationship you have with your owner.

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