Scottish Highlands Dog Breeds

Scottish Highlands Dog Breeds

admin December 4, 2019

The highlands of Scotland are known for films such as Brave Heart, its meadows and its fortifications, but also … we can find dog breeds from the Scottish Highlands! In this article we inform you about the races that have emerged in this magical and historical region.

What are the Scottish Highlands dogs?

Some are known worldwide, but others can only be found in the area and surroundings. The truth is that the dogs of the Scottish Highlands have origins in common and similar activities, especially hunting. These are the races that emerged in this region:

1. West Highland white terrier

We start with the most famous of the highland dogs, popularly known as ‘bestie’ and for its completely white hair. Like the other terriers, this one is also energetic, brave and quite barking. It was created for hunting hares and birds, hence its light color (to differentiate itself from gray or black prey).

The West Highland white terrier is small: no more than 30 centimeters tall and 10 kilos in weight. Its tail is in the form of ‘carrot’ and measures about 15 centimeters. As for the fur, it is medium length and disheveled, mainly on the face.

2. Scottish Hound

Called deer hound in his homeland, he is a very old hunting dog (he appears in portraits at the feet of great feudal lords). When the ‘fashion’ was to hunt deer with a shotgun, this dog breed almost died out; however, breeders made this aristocratic dog survive.

The Scottish hare is scruffy, with the body of a greyhound – it is from the same family – and long limbs. The chest is deep, has an arched spine and a very long and thin tail at the tip. In relation to his temperament, he has gentle manners, is ideal as a companion dog and is characterized by his loyalty and tenderness.

3. Cairn terrier

Among the Scottish Highlands dogs, this breed is the oldest and even more emerged from it (including the bestie). It is a working dog used for hunting and capturing prey in burrows located between the mountains of the region. Precisely the word cairn means cave where foxes and badgers live in Gaelic.

The cairn terrier is active, tough, cheerful and a very good pet because of its ease of being trained. In addition, it adapts very well to any environment, be they houses or city flats. He loves to make holes in the ground, he doesn’t bark much and he can get bored if he stays alone for many hours.

4. Scottish Terrier

The Aberdeen terrier or ‘Scottie’, as it is popularly known, is another of the Scottish Highlands dog breeds. Its origins date back to the 18th century, although it was separated from West Highland and Cairn in 1890 (until that time the three races were considered the same).

It is a natural digger of small size, but very resistant and fast due to its muscular body. The fur of the Scottish terrier is hard and can be black wheat or tabby. His long snout and his pointed ears are always straight, which go hand in hand with his alert character.

5. Skye terrier

The last of the Scottish Highlands dogs was actually born on the Isle of Skye (hence its name), but it emerged after the crossing of the highland terriers with Maltese dogs that survived a shipwreck in the 16th century.

It is a threatened breed that may disappear due to the small number of ‘pure’ births in the United Kingdom. This dog is a robust and elongated body, with strong snout, erect ears, long neck, and short but muscular limbs. The hair is very striking due to its length since it covers his eyes almost completely.

The Scottish Highlands dog breeds – except for the whip that needs more space – are perfect for pets in the city. Its small size fits anywhere!

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