The Best Dog Breeds for Canicross

The Best Dog Breeds for Canicross

admin December 14, 2019

It is an increasingly popular discipline throughout the world, thanks to which he trains and has fun with the pet. In the following article, we will tell you what are the best dog breeds for canicross… so that you start training as soon as possible.

What are the dog breeds for canicross?

According to the rules of canicross, any dog ​​can compete, as long as it is in good health and has passed veterinary checks. It is also required that they have a microchip and that the age ranges between 1 and 10 years of life.

But beyond that, the truth is that there are certain breeds of dogs apter than others to perform this physical activity that can be quite exhausting for the animal (and its owner). These are the best:

1. Airedale terrier

This breed is native to the United Kingdom – like most terriers – and is considered one of the strongest dogs due to its developed muscles. In addition, it is very resistant and active, which is why it is considered ideal to accompany us to run or participate in the canicross.

The Airedale Terrier – a photo that opens this article – is very intelligent, obedient and docile. It responds very well to basic training and fulfills basic orders without problems. The only problem is that you need periodic cleaning in your ears to avoid infections and daily brushing so that your hair does not get tangled.

2. Weimar Braco

The also known as Weimaraner is one of the most chosen dogs for canicross due to its resistance and its ease to be trained. It is a very obedient race, which behaves perfectly and also has a lot of energy all the time.

Likewise, the Weimar Braco has short, thick fur that protects it from moisture and can be introduced into swampy terrain without difficulty. His body is muscular and well proportioned, has long and well-developed legs have a very determined step and can jump both at ground level and at a certain height.

3. Border Collie

This breed of Scottish origin is associated with grazing, although it can also be an excellent idea to use it to practice can cross. This is because it is an animal more than intelligent and agile, as well as obedient. It is considered one of the best dogs to be trained and to participate in canine sports.

The border collie is a strong, energetic, athletic and very fast, of medium size and a double layer of hair (it protects you from low temperatures and water). When he walks or runs, he raises his legs slightly, so it seems that he moves stealthily.

4. Belgian shepherd

This is another of the dogs for canicross due to its great intelligence, its ability to work and its excellent temperament. It is still used as a grazing breed since its origins but is best known for its auxiliary duties in the police (as well as German Shepherds). It is essential that he be trained and socialized as a puppy to avoid disobedience.

The Belgian shepherd measures about 60 centimeters and weighs about 40 kilos (males). It has a robust and muscular body, short brown hair and pointed ears and large, black as well as the face.

5. Labrador retriever

Perhaps it is because it is one of the most chosen dogs as a pet, that it is quite obedient or that it has great physical resistance. The truth is that the Labrador Retriever is present in all the canicross races.

This breed was used in the beginning for hunting or tracking prey, its muscles are well-developed and quite fast. It is ideal for exercising together!

Are there prohibited races for canicross? Actually, we have to talk about dogs not suitable for this discipline due to certain features of their physique. Among them, we highlight those who have brachycephalic syndrome: French bulldog, Carlino or Boston terrier, among others.

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