The Best Summer Accessories for Dogs

The Best Summer Accessories for Dogs

admin January 8, 2020

Although our best friends require care throughout the year, the arrival of summer brings new needs. High temperatures, sunlight, outdoor life, the proliferation of mosquitoes, ticks and fleas are risk factors, but fortunately in the market are the best summer accessories to help us preserve the health and well-being of our dogs.

Why does your dog need some summer accessories?

In addition to the basic care to be healthy, your best friend will need to feel fresh and comfortable to enjoy the heat and the outdoors in your company. Dogs have a harder time regulating their body temperature than we do. Since they only have sweat glands in their pads, they are not able to perspire throughout their body. Therefore, they need to ‘cool’ in another way.

Generally, dogs pant to remove hot air from inside their body and cool off with fresh air from the environment. But contact with water or fresh surfaces also helps lower your body temperature and avoid a heat stroke.

The best summer accessories can help you offer a better quality of life to your partner. From water dispensers to special dog pools, there are many options to offer comfort and well-being on warmer days.

What are the best summer accessories for our dogs?

Dog pools

Dog pools are an excellent option to refresh your pet in summer, but you have to have space in the home. The accessories are made of very resistant materials, which offer a long service life and give your dog freedom of movement.

These types of pools are specially designed for dogs, offer a lot of security and allow easy entry and exit of the animal. In this sense, we must remember that the dog should never be left alone in the pool.

Water dispensers

This is one of the most useful summer accessories to keep our dogs well hydrated during the summer, even if no one is home. The water dispenser allows the animal itself to drink after pressing a button; in this way, the water deposited in the drinking fountain is prevented from heating up or accumulating impurities.

During walks abroad, it is also recommended to carry a portable drinking fountain to be able to drink anywhere. And to prevent the water from heating very quickly, a good tip is to carry a reserve bottle with frozen water.

Blanket / refreshing mat

This is another very useful accessory so that your dog is always fresh, either at home or outdoors since it is easy to transport and use at any time. The refreshing blankets or mats cool gradually; That way, they help our best friend regulate his body temperature. As they are light, foldable and take up little space, they can be taken on a trip to always offer maximum comfort to our pet.

Cooling bones

The cooling bones are made of natural rubber on the outside, foam on the inside and have small holes. Before offering it to your dog, just dip it in fresh, clean water; While the animal is having fun, it will also stay fresh and well hydrated.

Cooling vests

This is one of the summer accessories that have gained popularity in recent years. These special vests have a gel inside that retains water and offers a long-lasting cooling effect; just submerge them in water for a few minutes.

The basic care of your dog in summer

First, it will be essential to strengthen deworming at the beginning of the summer and ensure that your vaccines are always up to date. This is not enough to provide excellent quality of life for your dog on days of intense heat.

We will also need to pay attention to their correct hydration and protect them from excessive exposure to solar radiation. In addition to always leaving fresh and clean water at your disposal, we can also prepare some refreshing recipes, such as smoothies or dog poles.

As for sun exposure, do not forget to apply sunscreen to avoid burns and prevent severe diseases, such as skin cancer.

When enjoying our dogs outdoors, whether on the beach, in the garden or outside walks, we will also need to prevent mosquito bites. Beyond their annoying noise and the itching that causes their bite, these insects can transmit numerous diseases.

Finally, we must remember that products for human use should not be applied in our dogs and that not all toys are safe for them. In pet stores, we can find special products and also the best summer accessories for our dogs.

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