Why Do Dogs Follow Us Everywhere?

Why Do Dogs Follow Us Everywhere?

admin February 15, 2020

Our pets are our companions and, on many occasions, our shadows. Behind this behavior, there are a number of reasons difficult to understand for many owners. Find out why dogs follow us everywhere.

A scientifically explainable behavior

Whether it is a charming or frustrating habit, the truth is that dogs follow us everywhere since the man managed to tame the wolf. In fact, this behavior is unlikely to change despite the thousands of years of evolution behind them.

Despite this, if we understand how dogs naturally follow us everywhere, this annoying habit may no longer seem irritating to become a part of our day to day with our faithful companion.

  • The so-called imprinting process is a phenomenon initially observed by the Austrian scientist Konrad Lorenz. At first, he found that the offspring of certain animals detected at birth a maternal figure, regardless of whether it was their mother or a caretaker, who they identified as care and food provider, and who constantly followed anywhere. This initial attachment could change until later behavior. In the case of dogs, this imprinting process occurs during the first 12 weeks of life.
  • Through training based on rewards and caresses, owners can get to form a bond with their pets and get them to automatically follow them anywhere. If your dog identifies you as a source of food and fun, he probably never wants to separate from you. Despite this, each animal has a different personality and levels of dependence can vary greatly from one pet to another.
  • Following the thread of the canine personality, we must comment that there are certain dogs that live very comfortably among humans and that they feel very attached to their owners. Some may experience even separation anxiety if their owner leaves home for too long. This dependence can become insane if it is not controlled, so it is recommended to resort to the services of a canine ethologist or a trainer if separation anxiety begins to be a problem in your relationship. Despite this, there are also very independent dogs that enjoy home life without any complaints.

Does this type of behavior really benefit us?

Some owners say they are tired of having an additional shadow that is aware of all their movements and that requires constant encouragement and affection. For some, however, one of the benefits of having a pet is having the company of a faithful and affectionate creature that is happy every time they get home from work.

Each owner and each animal enjoy a unique and inimitable relationship whereby both will have to define the limits of their comfort zone to be completely at ease with each other. In any case, if your dog is happy with you and prefers to follow you everywhere, it is likely that you are both enjoying a beautiful friendship that will last a lifetime.

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